BBQ “Chicken” Pizza Premium PD Recipe


Protective Diet has given California Pizza Kitchen’s most popular pie a low-fat and sugar-free plant-based makeover. This recipe is spot on with perfect sauce, hand-tossed style crust and all the toppings. Grill this crowd-pleasing pizza outdoors or bake it fresh in the oven. All Protective Diet recipes are loaded with health-promoting and waistband-slimming ingredients that offer protection to our health, the environment and all of the planet’s precious creatures.

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  1. posted by Kristina Demers on September 6, 2014

    I had some tempeh so decided to try that version. Have to say this was really good. I think I made my tempeh chunks too large but it was still good. Love the pineapple flavor combo as well. This recipe is definitely a keeper! Thank you!

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