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BBQ Chicken Ranch Salads are on every pub and restaurant’s menu. The Cheesecake Factory and Bar Louie each have one on their menu averaging 1,000 calories, 159 mg of cholesterol and 55 grams of FAT, not to mention lots of sugar. Restaurant salads were my problem and a major contribution to my then-high cholesterol and obesity when I was eating a standard diet. I’ve recreated this beloved meal-sized salad to weigh in at just 350 calories with a heavy handed pour of creamy dairy-free dressing, a full cup of crunchy, energy-rich, gluten-free, starch-based add-ins topped with naturally balanced clean organic plant-based protein, carbohydrates, fat and FLAVOR for protective nutrition that really satisfies.

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Comments (4)

  1. posted by blarkin on January 21, 2016

    Love this! I made dinner tonight using these recipes and they were awesome! So glad I finally tried the ranch dressing made with soy yogurt instead. The BBQ tofu bites were amazing!

  2. posted by lmcleod on January 30, 2016

    This recipe scared me because it had so many recipes within a recipe but I really wanted to eat that salad. When I finally did it I realized each recipe is quite simple and this salad was so delicious. I ate it every day last week and intend to make it for lunches again this week. And there is another bonus. It makes the best soggy salad I’ve ever had. Julie you hooked me on soggy salad protective diet style!

  3. posted by Dorothy on February 4, 2016

    Finally had the BBQ ChickN Salad. Oh my gosh! Julie you keep out doing yourself!!

    First I had to make two batches of the barbecue bites because Lynn and I ate the first batch last night that was supposed to be for todays salad! It is so good.

    I am really impressed with the flavors that all come together with the ranch dressing, the barbecue bites, the corn, and the salad chips.

    This is a 10 for sure!!!

  4. posted by Deb Dendinger on July 23, 2017

    I just made the BBQ bites in my air fryer and they turned out beautifully! Set the air fryer for 370 for 20 minutes

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