Beans and Rice Premium PD Recipe

This recipe is designed for ease in preparation of the energy-packed starch component of a Protective Diet 50/50 Burrito Bowl. Serve it as a no-fuss side dish to complement Garlic Greens, Fajitas or Beef-less Tacos. This recipe comes together using PD Pantry staples along with tips to dress it up on the days you have a couple extra minutes and want to get creative. This is a perfect starter recipe for a beginner in the kitchen, as well as a perfect staple recipe for anyone just getting started on a plant-based diet.


  1. As part of my 21-meal mastery, I made this in my pressure cooker last night. However I did substitute one small onion for the chopped, dried onion. Also added about a TBSP of cumin to it. Turned out amazing, but that’s normal for Julie’s recipes. I decided to top it with some Salsa Roja and place it on a corn tortilla. Perfect. I also doubled the recipe to give me some meals for the next few days. Quick and easy, just how I like to cook dinner. Thanks J!

  2. Julie, I’m trying to save $$ so would like to use dried beans instead of canned, using the pressure cooker. Could you please let us know how long we should time the recipe at pressure? Or, would it be better to make the beans and rice separately and then combine. Hopefully, this information would translate into any bean & rice recipe for future reference. Thank you!

    1. This is a quick cook recipe. If you prefer to cook your own beans from dried, cook them separately first. Use 1 ½ cups cooked beans for this recipe. 1 ½ cups of cooked beans is what is found in a 15 ounce can. You can cook beans and freeze them in 1 ½ cup measurements to make life easier. If you’d prefer to cook a one pot pressure cooker meal using dried beans I suggest the Summer-Time BBQ Beans, Black Bean Chili or Cuban Black Bean Soup recipes.

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