Chocolate Bird Seed Premium PD Recipe

Don’t be fooled by the name, this stuff isn’t for the birds! It’s a dark chocolaty, crunchy, munchy, whole grain, sugar free, high fiber snack. A bowl of this topped with plant based milk, makes a perfect breakfast for chocolate lovers. Top off your next ice “cream” sundae or Frosty with a sprinkle of this delightful creation.


  1. I made a frozen treat with the birdseed. I increased the chocolate sauce to 1 ½ times what is listed. Instead of baking it after mixing the chocolate and grains together, I pressed it flat in the bottom of a 9×13 pan. Then I froze it. Once it was frozen, I cut it into chocolate bar-sized strips and wrapped each one in parchment paper and tinfoil. Now I have frozen “chocolate bars” to eat when I’m craving a healthy dessert.

  2. I make a cinnamon version of this bird seed. I received the recipe from Bridget on PDL. My family likes this addition to the other bird seeds.
    Use the recipe above (I use the stove top version) but leave out the chocolate. Add 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon at the same time as adding the vanilla. That is it!

  3. Oh my freakin’ goodness!!!! I love this stuff!!!!! I’m glad I waited for the erythritol to arrive in the mail. As tempted as I am to hide this from the family, I also can’t wait to share it with them. Thanks!

  4. This was so good! It’s very rich and chocolaty, and while it’s not something that I’d eat every day because of the sweetness, I just love having PD recipes available for all occasions! If everyone is having ice cream and toppings for a special occasion, I can make this and not feel left out. I’ll also know that my treat is so much healthier than theirs, and better tasting, too!

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