Pizza Bird Seed Premium PD Recipe

A crunchy, munchy, pizza flavored, whole grain snack kids love. It is fat free, additive free, low calorie and packed with fiber and nutrients. Take it to the beach, movies, games, practice or pack it in a lunch box. This is a tasty, easy and inexpensive answer to healthy snackin’ on a Protective Diet.


  1. WOW! so good! Will be a favorite snack. I wish it made more… seems like so many grains but they shrink down so much… I’ll need to quite a large batch for it to last very long.
    Curious about doubling the sauce for them so the flavor is stronger. Will try next time.

  2. Great snack…love it!! Its so good, yet not addicting. Like if you were to eat pretzels or potato chips, I always found myself going back for more. with this snack, its is exactly that… a snack!! This is great Julie..thank you! and My daughter loves it too!!

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