Bloomin Blossom Premium PD Recipe

This classic fried pub appetizer has the reputation of being the most fattening item on the menu. The Protective Diet version offers a light low calorie starter or main dish with all the fun and flavor of the original. This is an onion kids can’t resist. It’s a perfect super bowl party recipe or game night favorite. This one won’t leave you with greasy fingers or tight pants.


  1. I love onion rings but they are tedious to make. This has all the flavor of the onion ring but is a little bit quicker to make. I made pasta and sauce. While that was cooking I whipped up my onion blossom. For 2 people 1 blossom was all we could eat along with the rest of a meal. Delish! was the verdict.

  2. I had a chance to watch the video (while cooking, of course) and made my first bloomin’ blossom. I didn’t have sweet, squatty onion, like Julie talked about in the video. I did have some BIG onions and used the one that I thought would work better. I read the previous comments about the cutting and this was the easiest part for me. I did however run into problems trying to keep the onion together when moving it from bowl to bowl.

    Before placing it in the oat flour I did notice I had a clump of onion in the middle of the blossom that really didn’t get cut at all, but I wasn’t going to mess with it and ruin what I had already done. Figured it probably wouldn’t matter in the end. I coated the sliced onion with the flour and shaked off the excess.

    When I placed it in the oat milk I tried to get milk over all the pedals, but I did have many that stuck together. So instead of a single piece of finished blossom I had two or three stuck together. That could have been when I cut the onion. After the onion was dripping with oat milk I placed it in the bread crumbs.

    These were some of the best crumbs yet! Maybe it was the addition of the paprika and chili powder. I coated to the best of my ability and many pieces seemed to come up a bit devoid of crumbs. Figured that was a problem with coating, starting with the flour. I also noticed an excess of bread crumbs when I was done that didn’t want to fall off. I shrugged it off and placed the onion in the oven.

    Thirty minutes later I was enjoying the blossom for dinner. I had some mayo left over I made a few days earlier, so I just added some chipotle seasoning to my mayo and mixed it. Viola! My chipotle mayo in a pinch. I really enjoyed the flavor and probably would have enjoyed it more if it were a sweet onion. I did have some trouble pulling pieces off, which leads me to believe that 30 minutes wasn’t long enough in my oven. So I might increase the time next time.

    Overall another wonderful recipe from Julie. The recipe does look a bit involved in terms of prep, but the final product is worth the work. I look forward to eating more bloomin’ goodness soon. Thanks Julie!

    1. Thank you Stephen! You give the best most detailed reviews! If your onion is really big it may take a little longer to cook and soften up the petals. The petals should pull off easily when it is cooked long enough.
      Best of Health to you!
      Julie Marie

  3. Made these today and thought they turned out good…maybe not as good as yours but very tasty.
    The cutting technique got easier for the 2nd onion! I think I needed to cook them a little more or is the onion supposed to be a tad bit crunchy too?
    Thanks for another great recipe!

  4. The Blossoms look great can’t wait to make them. Your video instructions are easy flowing to follow great Job . I was drooling SweetDreams Bye now in about 48 hours the warmth will be coming outside

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