Blue Chai Premium PD Recipe

This calorie-free all-natural flower blossom brew is potent with protective anthocyanidin. These cobalt blue antioxidants protect the plant from damaging UV rays. We can simply sip on this stunning soother and benefit from the same anti-aging oxidative stress eliminating protection. Anthocyanin assists the body to fight free radicals that damage our cells, reducing the risk of cancer while slowing cellular aging to keep our skin, eyes, and brain in optimal health. Proanthocyanidin also improves blood flow through the capillaries. This assists the eyes to adjust quickly to changes in light and improves sharpness of vision at night. Shown to stop the progression of cataracts and helps to treat damage to the retina. Scientists are searching for the exact natural compounds responsible for this plant’s anticancer properties confirmed in studies. Their goal is to make them into chemoprotective pharmaceutical formulations. As cancer chemo prevention studies gain popularity with the medical treatment of cancer including chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy and immunotherapy killing both cancer and normal cells, we can take advantage of the study results incorporating the plants showing protection with Protective Diet recipes. These delicate flowers native to Thailand are hand-foraged and brewed as a refreshing spa elixir to boost skins radiance and protect the immune system. In Ayurvedic medicine, they are used for neurological benefits, memory enhancing, nootropic, antistressor, anxiolytic, antidepressant, anticonvulsant, tranquilizing, and sedative properties. After reviewing scientific studies confirming all of these benefits, I was excited to add this ingredient to my workplace for wellness. I had fun adding a splash of lemon, lime or mineral water to turn Blue Chai into an irresistible shade of violet or pink. Warm up with a teal blue chai latte or chillout over ice. Flat or sparkling, garnished with citrus or spice. Have fun finding ways to easily incorporate natural colorful protection.

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