Bolognese Sauce Premium PD Recipe

This is the best oil-free “meat” sauce I’ve ever tasted. Bolognese sauce is a thick sauce with a greater proportion of meat to sauce layered with wine, stock and a small proportion of tomato sauce. This thick ragu originated in Bologna, Italy. I’m bringing the traditional flavors and textures of this complex sauce to your kitchen with the ease of preparation Protective Diet recipes provide. Put this plant-based recipe on the top of your list to prepare and serve over whole grain pasta or layer into Protective Diet Homemade Lasagna.


  1. This was delicious! My non-PD husband said it was certainly not a boring pasta sauce! I’m taking that as a high compliment of the recipe. Thanks, Julie! And I have leftovers for tomorrow.

  2. I don’t know why I waited so long to try this recipe because it was fantastic and everyone in my family loved it! I know this is a recipe every SAD eater will enjoy and having some of these recipes on hand will make entertaining so much easier for me and for staying on plan. 5 stars on this recipe.

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! I guess that doesn’t begin to describe this recipe for bolognese sauce. This was the first time I had froze and defrosted tofu. For some reason that seemed to catch me when I wanted to make some of Julie’s recipes. So much for planning ahead. Odd that my wife would bring up bolognese sauce a day prior to me freezing the tofu, so I thought a great opportunity to give this sauce a whirl.

    I opened the box of tofu, wrapped it in Saran Wrap and dropped it in the freezer to go cold. Pulled it out the following morning and let it defrost. I don’t own a press, so I weighed down the tofu and let it drain.

    I substituted a small can of tomato paste; 2 TBSP of paste to 1 cup of water. I added 3 cups of water and all the paste to the carrot onion mixture after deglazing the pot. I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out. Next time I go with a new recipe, I need to take inventory BEFORE my cooking adventures begin because I was also short, so I substituted dried basil.

    The tofu dinged and I added it to the mixture on the stove and stirred and let simmer Added some remaining spices and tasted. I was very pleased with the overall flavor of the sauce. I let my MIL taste it and she was impressed with the how it tasted. Now, she cooks amazing, but not PD by any mean, so if I can get a thumbs up from her, I know I (well, Julie) is onto something. My wife also had a taste and found it a bit too spicy because of the red pepper flakes. I didn’t use much, but probably too much for her liking.

    I placed whole wheat pasta in a bowl and topped with the Bolognese Sauce, a bit of pepper on the top and consumed. It was outstanding! A nice thick, full flavor sauce. Better yet was having leftovers the following morning for a very early lunch. The flavors had more time to come together and if it were a blind taste test, it would have been very difficult to tell you weren’t eating a meat sauce. Of course you bite into the tofu and that illusion is gone (for the meat eaters), but those following a plant based lifestyle, this recipe is a winner! Thanks Julie!

  4. Julie,

    I think you typically use a tofu press and it seems like you have a link built into the recipe for this tool, but the link leads to the garlic press rather than the tofu press. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I know you can press tofu without a press, but wanted to see what you use in terms of tools for this task. I will find it in the tools section, but don’t want other less experienced users to be confused. Hope this helps! Can’t wait to try out this recipe!!

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