Bread Maker Rye Bread Premium PD Recipe

This recipe was created to make a Veggie Reuben fast and easy to prepare on a Protective Diet. Secure the paddle and layer in the high-fiber whole grain protective ingredients. Go about your day and forget about it. In three hours I promise you’ll think you are in a Chicago delicatessen. The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for the loaf to chill for thin slices to toast and top with sauce, veggie deli toppings, and a layer of Melt & Bake Cheeze. Whole grain Rye bread is dark, slightly sweet, and dense in texture. Fresh milled rye berries or whole-grain rye flour is called dark rye. Light rye is just like white flour in that the fibrous hull and nutrition has been removed. Whole-grain Rye is high in protein and low in gluten limiting the rise. Rye produces a beloved dense loaf of sliced sandwich bread with little difference in flavor from whole wheat. Caraway seeds offer rye bread its signature flavor and additional plant-fiber for our microbes. Classic rye bread is made with one-third rye and two-thirds wheat with molasses for sweetness. To produce a richer-looking loaf bakeries darken white or light rye flour with instant coffee or cocoa powder. This month with Protective Diet Education we will have all the easy-to-make components to make the world’s healthiest Reuben sandwiches. Get a batch of Ruby Raw Kraut populating protection on your ferment shelf because Russian Dressing is up next!

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