Bread Maker Whole Wheat Loaf Bread Premium PD Recipe

In the summer when the kitchen is heating up and garden tomato sandwiches are all I desire, I will effortlessly toss five ingredients into the bread maker and turn it on. With a batch of Real Plant-Based Mayo or Buttermilk Dressing in the fridge, I can pick a ripe tomato and call it dinner. With a new or secondhand bread maker, we can cut ties with the frozen loaf of “healthy” store-bought bread. This simple, cost-cutting, deliciously fresh loaf bread is perfect when cooled and sliced for sandwiches, toasted for Better Than Bacon BLTs, or cubed into Steak House Croutons for an epic Caesar or Panzanella Salad. Slice, batter, and bake to make the most incredible oil-free plant-based Oven Baked French Toast. The hardest part about making this quick-prep bread is waiting for the machine to do all the work and for it to fully cool for perfect sandwich slices. If you just can’t wait, jump in and rip off a hot piece to dip into Spices & Herb Bread Dip or your favorite Protective Diet soup. A fresh loaf will turn a deliciously dressed chopped salad into an unforgettable meal. With this recipe, I can fill my freezer with ready-to-bake slices of Frozen Cheezy Garlic Bread to complete a cup of Oil-Free French Onion Soup on chilly spring evenings.

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  1. “Best bread ever!” Said from my friends husband who is a chef!!! The secret ingredient is the PD yogurt!! I make this bread and freeze 1/2 so zip always have it! It’s so easy in the bread maker! You will never buy store bread again!!