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I’ve created perfectly soft and completely whole grain sandwich buns that taste great, are easy to make and are super inexpensive compared to the frozen health food store cardboard hockey puck versions. I’ve created a simple way to keep my buns soft without adding white refined flour, isolated gluten, eggs, or oil. These beautiful 4-ounce buns are perfection at only 210 calories each and made with all whole plant-based ingredients.


  1. Julie I want these to turn out so badly for me but after 2 batches, I still don’t have it down. They spread out on me this time and got very thin as they were rising so they are only 1/4 thick. My dough was sticky and not like your video either. I followed the directions to the T. Yeast was the right temp and it was fresh. HELP!!

  2. I was surprised at how thin they turned out (maybe 1/2 to one inch thick. Visually they remind me of the thin buns at the store. They made the house smell so good that when the kids came home they ate the first ones plain while I made their burgers. Then they each ate another plain one before I could get the second burgers made for them. I wouldn’t serve them to company as they look “funny” and flat, but for family they were a winner.

  3. Mmmmmm these are so good & so easy I’ve gone from having never made bread before to making my own bread from now on! I even used this recipe & just changed the shape to make my carrot hotdog buns! 🙂 Thanks PD!!

  4. I just made these for the first time. I was so afraid they would not turn out. I’ve never baked any kind of bread that required yeast and I was intimidated to say the least. I watched the video a couple of times and decided to go for it. My dough was wetter than Julie Marie’s and it did stick to my counter surface (a round piece of marble) so I added some more flour and floured the surface. They didn’t rise as much as I thought they should but they turned out fine. I will definitely make them again.

  5. Julie – I have to tell you how much these buns make me feel like a super hero! I have NEVER made bread before (excluding pouring a mix into a bread machine and even that was over my skill level) and I was so afraid to try these at home. I laugh every time I make them at how easy and awesome they are. I love the smell as they are rising. You helped me impress my dad, in-laws and myself. I can’t believe I can make break – from scratch – too cool!! My favorite is the dried onion topper.

  6. Ever since this recipe came out I have been baking them weekly. I never want to run out of these buns!! They are sooo good!! I eat one warm out of the oven and then wrap up the rest for the freezer. They freeze and defrost perfectly following Julie’s directions. Thank you Julie! This recipe is a life changer for me!!

  7. Wow, I just learned something. I did not know that whole wheat flour did develop gluten as readily, which could make your final product “heavy.” I didn’t have any white whole wheat flour when I made my buns. While they were still wonderful I could see them being a bit “heavy” but nothing that took away from my meal. Now I need to go buy the correct flour and see how my breads/buns turn out.

  8. This is the second bread type recipe I have attempted since joining and following PD. To this point I had not had much luck baking bread. I felt like a genius when I had my bread machine, but after it broke I decided not to replace it…immediately. My first attempt was with Julie’s Artisan Garlic Onion Herb Bread and while it was golden brown on the outside, it was a dense clump in the middle. I figured I did something wrong or didn’t use warm enough water for the yeast. I reattempted this bread and while it was improved it was still like eating a hockey puck. So I gave up on making bread until I saw this recipe.

    While this bun recipe isn’t much different, these buns came out entirely different than the bread did. The best of all, this recipe was quick and simple and I didn’t even break out the Kitchen Aid to mix the ingredients. Julie’s video was helpful to show technique and it played while I mixed my dough.

    I decided on dried, diced onion on the top of my buns (as I didn’t have poppy seeds or sesame seeds). I divided the dough into six equal pieces and pressed them. I didn’t have a burger press, so I used the palm of my hand to press and shape each bun. Next time I might put a bit of water on my hands, as the last 2 buns started to stick. Wasn’t a real big problem and once they were on my baking sheet I rubbed a bit of water on the tops and shook out some dried onion.

    I was excited to see my buns rising (all but one) as they sat in the kitchen while I made the Chia Bean Burger mixture. I placed them in the oven for 9 minutes. I didn’t want to overcook and burn these, so I would rather have to extend the time and make another batch. The 9 minutes seemed to work very well, the bottom was golden brown and they smelled wonderful!

    I couldn’t wait to eat one of the buns, so I carefully sliced it in half and tasted. Great flavor! Even better when they were warm. This recipe got me wondering if I could use and make my own bagels for the morning. I was thinking of using my donut pan to create PD bagels.

    Great recipe, so simple (as are so many of Julie’s recipes), quick to make and worth every bite. Thanks Julie!

  9. Hi there. Just wondering if whole wheat pastry flour can be used in place of white whole wheat. That’s what I have in the pantry. Just didn’t know if they were interchangeable ? Thanks. I can’t wait to try this recipe.

    1. They are not interchangeable. Whole wheat pastry flour has very little gluten or what gives bread elasticity. White whole wheat is sold at most regular grocers. I hope you can find some and try this awesome soft bun recipe!

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