Burger Pickles Premium PD Recipe

Thin sandwich-friendly pickle slices will add a veggie layer with a tangy flavor boost to a Protective Diet Seasoned Flatbread Sub. Top a veggie burger or slip them into your Mock Tuna Salad sandwich. Add a little zing to your salad or use as a perfect garnish on a party platter of PD Mac Attack Layer Dip.

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  1. I made these to be used for the Mac Attack but haven’t gotten that far yet so we just started eating them. They are delicious and so easy to put together. I see the note up there about adding more cucumber to the brine and I’m going to do that today. Thank you Julie Marie.

  2. Is it a good idea to reuse the pickle juice? Mine is about a week old and we’ve already finished the pickles. Can I just slice another cucumber and add it to the juice or should I start over?