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Only ten minutes to set up this slow cooker winner of a dinner. Toss these inexpensive pantry staples together before work, church or a day of play. This recipe is designed for ease in preparation and ultimate meal satisfaction. Perfect for a well-deserved day out of the kitchen that ends with a hot bowl of delicious thick and flavorful plant-based chili. For tips to make this recipe win 1st prize at the chili cook-off watch PD-Ed lesson #119.

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Comments (11)

  1. posted by Joann Wright on September 24, 2019

    This is one of my “go to” recipes, and I LOVE it!! It can be made on the stove top if you are in a hurry or your slow cooker is otherwise occupied. Simple and flavorful, I highly recommend it!

  2. posted by Cheryl Jezak on October 19, 2017

    I FINALLY got around to making this last night so easy (once I figured out the IP Slowcooker function) and tastes great. A nice hot chili on a cold blustery fall evening. We had this over rice. Makes quite a bit so I have some in the freezer – even easier meals ahead for busy days.

  3. posted by dianeb on April 29, 2017

    I am just making this for the first time. It is just starting in slow cooker now. I have made lots of chilis but mostly on the stovetop and I add a can of diced tomatoes in their liquid and often some veggie broth. I noticed that this is very thick and that this recipe doesn’t have added liquid to the juice of the beans unless you count the bean liquid and the tomato paste which seems to be swallowed up with the 5 cans of beans. and all the chopped onion and bell pepper.. Will this come out really thick or will it have more liquid as it slow cooks? Either way, I think the combo of spices and the mix of beans will make it really delicious but we don’t like our chili super thick so I am asking in advance. Thanks.

    • posted by Julie Marie on April 29, 2017

      If you made it as directed it will be perfect and enough liquid to serve over brown rice or with macaroni as chili Mac. I do not suggest adding liquid to it our you will have soup.

  4. posted by sal4gal on February 7, 2017

    YUM! Hubby graciously helped me put this together. He LOVES spicy food and me not so much, haha. I was brave and followed the suggested seasonings, haha. Wow, even for this wimp the seasoning was wonderful. I added a can of diced tomatoes and 2 chopped celery stalks. I used 2 cups of corn and 2 bell peppers. We really like veggies in our chili. I served it over brown rice.

    I love my pressure cooker. I set it for high at 10 minutes and let it sit for an hour after it beeped. It was perfect!

  5. posted by Stephanie on January 25, 2017

    This is BEYOND easy. I have a Secura and I dump everything into it. I set it for about 8 hours or so and done when I get home. This seriously could not get any easier.
    We eat ours over rice or with some tortillas and cheeze sauce as a dip.

  6. posted by lori on January 7, 2017

    I make this constantly! Obsessed!

  7. posted by Marie on June 16, 2016

    Wow! Why did it take me so long to make this? Simple to make but complex in flavor! A new favorite. Family LOVED it.

  8. posted by tece on February 7, 2016

    Do we add the corn near the end?

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