Butter Sauce Premium PD Recipe

Stir up this quick and tasty no-cook sauce that makes a hot potato sing. Dress up those boring naked green beans with a toss in Butter Sauce. Kids will enjoy the addition of this condiment to turn frozen peas with a side of rice into an enjoyable complete meal. The ease and simplicity of this sauce will assist in achieving your health goals while practicing a Protective Diet.

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  1. This is so simple yet so delicious! The whole family loved this on potatoes and asparagus. I want to get other vegetables to steam and add this so the kids will eat more variety in their veggie. But this is a Win!

  2. I made the Butter Sauce for the first time a few minutes ago. My plan was to have it on the Hasselback Potato this evening. But I was warming a creamed vegetable soup for lunch (the New England Clam Soup without mushrooms and Nori and added carrot and frozen peas. Makes a great creamy veggie soup).and decided to thicken the Butter Sauce a little with some corn starch added to the broth. It turned out beautifully. I put it on a toasted Ezekiel English Muffin and it didn’t run off. Very very good. I love my lunch lol!

  3. new to this, but this sauce is a lifesaver for me. I never liked my sweet potatoes with all the stuff on them. Just natural with a little butter….and I love sweet potatoes so much, I really thoughit is something totally new, butter like, that has saved weet pot I was just going to give them up. I dont really like them any other way. Well, today made this butter sauce, and poured it over my baked sweet potatoe. While not replacing butter, it has totally saved my beloved sweet potatoe. Delicious, will work to replace the butter for me, and yet I can still taste the delightful sweet potato. Great job Julie!!

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