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Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Premium PD Recipe

I adore this top-rated, low-cal, oil-free vegan Buttermilk Ranch Dressing on everything. It’s a plant-based game-changer, tasting just like the pricey refrigerator case bottled ranch dressing that had me enjoying my daily lunch salads swimming in it before going vegan. The original was a massive health setback, keeping my pants tight, my cholesterol high, and was one of the highest priced must have items in my grocery cart. With a quart jar of Protective Diet Buttermilk Ranch in my refrigerator door, I can transform anything dippable or tossable into a delicious lunch or dinner.

  • Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Premium PD Recipe

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  1. This is it! This is gold! I love this recipe. I usually add a clove or 2 more of garlic. Yum! Once day I didn’t realize I was out of dill and I ate it without the dill and it was still super good! Game changer for dressings, for sure! This is a homerun!

  2. I made this recipe, but I didn’t have tofu, so I used cooked navy beans that I had in the fridge. it came out amazing!!! LOVE this – I actually sat and ate a whole pint of sugar snap peas dipped in this! Great recipe.

  3. I must admit, until now I couldn’t find a dressing that I crave. THIS IS A GAME-CHANGER!!! Rich, flavorful, SUPER easy to make… I will put it on everything!!!!! Wowowowowow!!! Another amazing recipe, Julie Marie!!