Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Premium PD Recipe

I adore this top-rated, low-cal, oil-free vegan Buttermilk Ranch Dressing on everything. It’s a plant-based game-changer, tasting just like the pricey refrigerator case bottled ranch dressing that had me enjoying my daily lunch salads swimming in it before going vegan. The original was a massive health setback, keeping my pants tight, my cholesterol high, and was one of the highest priced must have items in my grocery cart. With a quart jar of Protective Diet Buttermilk Ranch in my refrigerator door, I can transform anything dippable or tossable into a delicious lunch or dinner.


    1. I suggest making the Creamy Ranch Dressing until you get a yogurt maker or Instant Pot. Select the Instant Pot Pressure cooker with the yogurt function listed in the shop under Kitchen Tools.

    1. I use granulated garlic. It has a courser texture more like a fine corn meal and is usually free of anti-caking additives and available in organic form. Garlic powder is finer more like flour and can be used interchangeably in recipes that call for granulated garlic.

  1. This is it! This is gold! I love this recipe. I usually add a clove or 2 more of garlic. Yum! Once day I didn’t realize I was out of dill and I ate it without the dill and it was still super good! Game changer for dressings, for sure! This is a homerun!

  2. I made this recipe, but I didn’t have tofu, so I used cooked navy beans that I had in the fridge. it came out amazing!!! LOVE this – I actually sat and ate a whole pint of sugar snap peas dipped in this! Great recipe.

  3. I must admit, until now I couldn’t find a dressing that I crave. THIS IS A GAME-CHANGER!!! Rich, flavorful, SUPER easy to make… I will put it on everything!!!!! Wowowowowow!!! Another amazing recipe, Julie Marie!!

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