Cacao Breakfast Muffins Free PD Recipe

Help yourself to a few of these rich, dark chocolaty muffins as a perfectly healthy choice for breakfast or to satisfy your cravings during the Protective Diet 30 Day Whole Food Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram. Take note these are low-calorie muffins made of whole grain, health promoting ingredients. Don’t let guilt creep up on you as these only look off plan. Enjoy them and be thrilled you are on the fast track to optimal health. Help yourself to a few of these rich chocolaty muffins as a healthy choice. They will satisfy your desire for chocolate without the oil and sugar to weigh you down.

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  1. These were yummy. Definately not a dessert muffin for a SAD eater but a breakfast muffin as it’s called, yes. I prefer the brownie recipe more I think, but this will satisfy your hunger without feeling guilty. I added the PD sugar on top. They rose in the oven perfectly!!

    1. It could be used, although I don’t recommend the use of Agave as it is no better for you than sugar. It is falsely marketed as healthier than sugar. It is empty sugar calories and will keep you craving sweets.

  2. I also made it as a loaf since I ran out of muffin liners. I think next time..and there will be a next time very soon…I will cut back the Almond Extract to 1 tsp instead of 2. The almond taste overpowered it a bit. But very good, moist and easy to make.
    Thanks again for bringing healthy desserts into our PD lives!

  3. I made these with oat flour and they were kind of heavy. They’re probably better with whole wheat flour. Still, they were good. I used silicone muffin liners and the muffins just fell out, without sticking at all, even after they cooled.

    1. I do not recommend the use of dried fruit to my students. I’m reprogramming their tastebuds by removing sugars. The dates can cause sugar cravings and make fruit taste less sweet to them. I want berries to taste like candy. This happens when all concentrated sugars are removed, including dried fruit.

  4. How about using xylitol instead of stevia? We’ve been using xylitol for years (husband and 4 year old son both T1 diabetic) and my husband doesn’t like the taste of stevia.

    Ophira – I’m in Switzerland and between the health food shops across the border in Germany (I live just 10 minutes from the border) and, I can pretty much get everything I want (including chia).

    1. Well I feel silly! I didnt think of maple syrup as ‘sugar-sugar’ and didnt totally get what stevia is, but I just googled it. I will look for it when I move to Germany, they have more health stores there! It would be so nice to finally be in a country that has chia seeds too…

    2. It would work to sweeten these muffins ,but I don’t recommend using syrup or anything that contains sugars. The Protective Diet plan eliminates sugars, natural processed sugars and dried fruit to eliminate cravings for sugar. When we cut concentrated sugars out completely our taste buds reprogram and the sweetness of natural fruit is heightened. This is why I use stevia in its place for these muffins. Thanks for the question! Best of Health to you!