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Caesar Salad is known for being the most fattening item on a restaurant menu. This slimmed down version only adds to your health with its nutrient dense low calorie dressing. It’s loaded with creamy rich flavor and none of the fat. Did you know this famous salad was invented and served tableside in Tijuana, Mexico? Growing up in the 70s and watching Julia Child, I just assumed this salad was French. With a little investigating, I found the original version was created by Italian-American restaurateur Caesar Cardini 1924 in Tijuana, Mexico. Cardini owned a restaurant in the tourist destination to “attract Americans frustrated by Prohibition.” The story of the salad’s creation is that over Fourth of July weekend, Cardini threw together a bunch of ingredients he had on hand and served his concoction to his friends. Needless to say, the improvised dish caught on.

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  1. Love, love, love this dressing! Such a simple salad to make, but I have served it many times to guests who always love it and wish they could have the recipe. I sometimes make this with a head of roasted garlic and that is delicious, too.

  2. THANK YOU Julie Marie for including this in the bread demo class! I tried it when I first became PD over 3 years ago, and I didn’t like it. I tried it today, and I was dancing around the house!!! Making the cutlets now to add to my lunch tomorrow for a chik’n Caesar! Folks, I’ve heard Julie Marie say this before and it’s so true… our tastebuds change and refine over time. If you haven’t tried a recipe for awhile, try it again! LOVE IT!!!

    1. Fantastic! I once forgot to include the Nutritional Yeast and it was blah. I have noticed it to be a common thing for newbies to skimp or skip on the nutritional yeast. It makes all the difference in this recipe. YUM and so good for us! Do you remember if you may have gone light on it or skipped it the first time you made it?

  3. Can you taste the spicy mustard? I am not a fan of that…I am about to start on this diet tomorrow, mainly to help my husband who has a lot of stomach issues…and also to lean up for myself for Crossfit. The only thing I am worried about is I see spicy mustard used a lot and I’m not a fan…

    1. The mustard is not detectable in this recipe. There are always alternatives such as American Potato Salad or German Potato Salad can be enjoyed instead of the Creamy Mustard and Herb Potato Salad. I would skip the Sweet Mustard vinaigrette recipe but any of the other salad dressings that call for a teaspoon will not be detectable. The mustard adds a bit of body and slight tang. There are dozens of dressings and hundreds of recipes that do not contain mustard so this shouldn’t be a set back in your practice of a Protective Diet. Jump in full time and you and your husband will feel amazing in a very short period of time. Best of Health to you both.

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! I saw this posted on FB and printed it out to make it one evening. I got home late and really didn’t feel like dirtying the blender. Call me lazy, but now I know what I was missing, as this dressing really hit the spot!

    I didn’t have any bread for croutons, but didn’t feel like I missed anything, as I used an entire head of Romaine lettuce in a large serving bowl, added some of the dressing and topped with pepper. Tossed the salad and then proceeded to eat THE WHOLE THING! No guilt at all, my only concern I had no more Romaine let in the refrigerator.

    Right now, I must say this is my “go to” dressing that Julie asks us. Love the flavor, my only concern when I initially tasted it was the consistency of the dressing, as it was a bit thick and you could tell something ingredient, in this case the beans were used. Now I might knock that off to the blender, which is going out, as I also found a chuck of garlic I thought was a bean. Thanks for the love the dressing Julie!

  5. I took a taste of this and still can’t believe how good it is!! I can’t wait to have my salad so I can put this dressing on top. This is a winner, hands down!! I am very impressed at how good this dressing is, and how good for me it is too. WINNER!!

    1. For years I’ve been known for my Caesar Salad/dressing and my memory has not faded enough for me to fully embrace this aa a Caesar dressing in that sense. I call it Caesar and I use it as Caesar and I do really like it and hope one day my taste buds have no other reference for Caesar Dressing than this.

  6. my first try is amazing. i added broccoli and red onion, no croutons but cant wait to make those too. tomorrow for lunch im going to add a few boiled potatoes and see how that works. i dont think that combo can be ever bad.

    1. It is technically a nutritional supplement filled with B vitamins. It looks like yellow flakes and tastes nutty and cheesy. I highly recommend picking some up and giving it a try. I haven’t met many people who don’t love the flavor that it adds to my recipes. You can find it in the bulk bins at Whole Foods or in the vitamin section of health food or vitamin stores. I use it so frequently that I order mine in bulk from

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