Cajun Cutlets Premium PD Recipe


Use the Spice of the South to add flavor to a Protective Diet Cutlet Sandwich complete with a side of heart healthy waistline slimming American Potato Salad. Wash it all down with a tall glass of Sweet Tea to make a summertime meal you’ll never forget. Cutlets are part of the growing evolution of Protective Diet’s innovative ability to create plant-based global comfort food favorites using low-fat oil-free whole food ingredients. Optimal health is easy to achieve and maintain when we have many familiar looking and tasting choices to please our family and friends. A Protective Diet is becoming more and more exciting with every passing week filled with exciting new recipes and innovative cooking techniques.

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  1. posted by amyreedy on June 5, 2016

    tonight I tried the cutlets for the first time. HOLY MOLY – seriously a game changer. These seem like real cutlets!. I made them with chinese 5 spice and baked in the oven – then stored in fridge. Tonight to reheat I put on the grill and brushed with bbq sauce. WOW – LOVE. I had held off on making these because it seemed like a lot of work – and lots of steps – and you know. WELL its super easy – so give it a whirl!

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