Carrot Cake with Cream Cheeze Frosting Premium PD Recipe

Pressure cooked plant-based Carrot Cake, spiced with protective ingredients and topped with dreamy Protective Diet Sugar-Free Cream Cheeze Frosting, is perfect for a springtime celebration or a hot summer holiday. This recipe is complete with an oven baked, gluten-free option for individual mini frosted carrot cakes.


  1. Julie, I made the Carrot Cake and could not find canned pureed sweet potatoes anywhere…so I baked some and used a potato ricer and it worked great!! It squeezed out all the juicy potato and left the fibrous parts in the ricer….my cake was moist and delicious….I used the baking option. I loved the blend of flavors and its the best carrot cake I’ve ever had….I even like it without icing!! You are a great chef and person!!

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