Chia Seed Black Bean Burgers Free PD Recipe

This recipe produces six thick, hearty and flavorful burgers. The chia seeds make them firm and hold them together. These trump store bought veggie burgers by eliminating oils, eggs and chemical food additives. Chia Seed Bean Burgers are so delicious it’s hard to resist eating them raw when forming the patties.

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  1. These were delicious. I followed the recipe exactly but I had a problem with the hamburger press. They stuck terribly and I could not extract them from the press without them following apart. Any suggestions?

  2. These burgers came together very well, just like the video. They had a nice smoky flavor and kept their shape when handled carefully. They made the house smell good before they even went into the oven. A great sandwich patty for work. Thanks Julie.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Substituting flour for oats will result in a different texture. You’d have to give it a test run to see if they will hold together. I wouldn’t recommend the use of coconut flour on a Protective Diet due to it’s high fat content.

  3. This makes WAY more than 6 burgers for me. I made a double recipe and had so much left over. Also I stuck the batter in the freezer for like 45 minutes and it was totally fine.

  4. These were really good. We cheated and put the bowl in the freezer for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, and then hand formed them. They’re a bit bland, so make sure you have lots of toppings – the mayo is fantastic.

  5. These are great. I love the bbq flavor, how thick they turn out, and how much they actually feel like burgers! I need to make these more often to freeze and have them in my weekly rotation. I couldn’t stop eating the batter to even get them in the oven!

  6. I made these last night…again for 4th of July. While I didn’t grill them, I did however substitute Julie’s Health Hottie Sauce in place of the red pepper flakes. In fact I am watching for the Chi-racha sauce recipe to be released then I will be Chi-racha Burgers! But the HHS added a very nice kick to the burgers. Depending on how hot you like it. I added 2 tablespoons in the mixture. Tasted great.

  7. Following a plant based diet for about 2.5 years and one of the easiest meals to get even an omni to eat are veggie burgers or in this case bean burgers. I had tried a number of combinations and McDougall recipes when it came to making burgers. Some were better than others, with a variety of flavors depending on what ingredients I processed together.

    Many of the recipes seemed to be missing something, which I could not put my finger on. Maybe it was that BBQ’d flavor from cooking burgers (meat) over an open flame. Not quite sure, but ask me right now my FAVORITE bean burger recipe and none jump to mind, until now.

    I had seen the images and read many different comments on Julie’s Chia Seed Bean Burger that last night in conjunction with the PD Burger Buns I decided to feast on these patties. I need to remember to read the directions through before I start, sort of like man using instruction manuals (we don’t need to sticking manuals!), I saw that the mixture was to chill for 12 hours. I think I got about 30 minutes, while the buns cooked to let it cool.

    What was great about this recipe I think was the addition of parsley and liquid smoke to the recipe. I think those two ingredients made this a great burger. I had used the other ingredients before, but as I said something was always lacking in my burgers. It was all I could do not to eat some bean mixture while I cooked.

    I expected the tomato paste, tamari, water and chia seed to thicken up more than it did. Maybe I used too much paste (was I eyeballed it), but it appeared thick when I mixed it up before adding the chia. I mixed it well and let it thicken after adding the chia. I also noticed my food processor had a hard time with very little liquid when I attempted to mix it. I had to stop it quite a few times to moved the mixture around in order to break down the beans.

    In the end I got a fairly smooth mixture, which was added to the chia mixture, followed by the oats. After I let it cool for 30 minutes I cook a ice cream scoop out and started to press patties. I do wish I had a burger press, which I didn’t so I hand formed each burger. Two burgers were a bit bigger and thicker than the rest, but I was able to get 6 good size patties, which were placed in the oven for 25 minutes.

    I shorted the cooking time, just to make sure I didn’t overcook them. I did add 2 more minutes at the end of the cooking cycle before I took them out to cool for 10 minutes. Once they had cooled I placed on top of the warm burger bun and added condiments, lettuce and tomato.

    The taste, AMAZING! Full of flavor and very filling, I ended up eating 2 burgers and probably could of had a third, but I would have left stuffed. The burger stayed together very well, each bite was filling (I would say meaty, but that didn’t sound right) and left me wanting another. I will work this burger, as well as sliders into my recipe rotation. I would think my wife and son will like these (keeping my fingers crossed). Thanks Julie!

  8. Great plant-based burgers! I doubled the recipe so I have lots for the freezer. I didn’t have any cooked black beans and I was feeling impatient so I used all pinto beans. They turned out beautifully.

    I also rolled some of it into balls to make meatballs. Can’t wait to top spaghetti and Julie’s quick red sauce with the chia burger “meatballs”!

  9. These are delicious, the only down side is having to let the mix sit overnight. Good idea about freezing them I will make a double batch next time. Thanks for another great recipe juile!

  10. I made these today and used purple onion this time. Gave it a great flavor. Also made them using the ball jar lid and they worked out perfectly. They made way more then 6 and I’m excited to try to freeze some uncooked and see how they do. We are having them tonight with your hot sauce potato wedges! Delicious!

    1. Sunflower seeds are high in Saturated fat. Please read the article under FAQ about nuts. This will give you a good understanding why we are eliminating saturated fats in nuts and seeds. Chia however are low in fat and we don’t supplement with them. We use them to thicken dressings, bind burgers or gel up pudding or jam.

  11. I absolutely love these burgers! The flavor and texture are great. I was vegan for a year before starting PD and I ate a lot of the pre packaged frozen processed veggie burgers…I honestly like these better and they are cheaper, easy to make, & nutrient dense. They freeze and reheat wonderfully. I love always having them on hand in my freezer!

  12. I think I am in love! I really enjoyed these and want to make a ton more and freeze them and have them available for whenever I want one. Don’t get me started on the mayo! YUMMY!

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