Chickenless Noodle Soup Premium PD Recipe

How about a nice big pot of the most comforting soup known to man? This stove top or pressure cooker version will get you well soon and keep you well. The homemade aroma of this easy one pot soup will fill your home and comfort you with every spoon full. This recipe might have you playing sick tomorrow, so you can stay home and simmer up a pot of delicious comfort.

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  1. I’m curious – I’ve made this a few times – and my family will eat it – but they are not lovers of the chickpeas. I’m wondering if anyone has used jackfruit in it – to give it more that “chicken” look? i’m guessing the chickpeas add some sort of flavor – that the jackfruit wouldn’t. Let me know your thoughts.


    1. I would just skip them and add one more cup of noodles and 2 more cups of broth to make up for the bean liquid. I have not tried jackfruit. If you try jackfruit please let us know if they enjoyed it?

  2. Yum, I am surprised at the fabulous flavor! Thank you so much, this is a wonderful comfort food recipe that I will be making often. My husband hates parsley but like you said, it is essential to the recipe and he does not even realize that it is included, haha.

  3. There’s just something about chickpeas in soup that we don’t like…….so, instead of adding them whole, I smashed them……..excellent soup! Also added some poultry seasoning…… Fantastic..

  4. One of our favorites in the crock pot! The recipe as written is fantastic. Last time I added a little extra noodles and a couple potatoes for a chunky version. Hubby is making this tonight (on his own!) that is how much we love it. Thanks Julie!

  5. “YUM!!!” We have another recipe that my wife enjoys! Yea! That makes three recipes she has asked for second on. I made this last week with her in mind because she had Invisalign (clear, plastic braces) put on her teeth and her mouth was in pain. figure soup would be comforting and easy to eat. I thought my son was going to finish a bowl after giving me a big smile and telling me he wanted it for dinner. Unfortunately he found out there was more than just broth and noodles in it, so I ended up finishing the bulk of it.

    I followed the recipe as written, unfortunately I didn’t have a full 4 cups of veggie broth, so it probably turned out a bit weak in terms of flavor, in which I added a bit more water. The flavor (as with many recipes) seemed to get better a day or two after the soup is made. I just finished it today (3 days later), over some brown basmati rice and it was awesome!

    I would like to try this recipe using my own stock or veggie broth instead of a store bought low sodium broth, I figure it was bring out a much better taste. Still I get to add another recipe from Julie to a small, but growing list of recipes my wife likes. That’s a good thing. Hopefully it can be frozen, as I would love to double the recipe and freeze it for meals in the future. Thanks Julie!

  6. Nothing like good soup on a cold, snowy day! I’ve never used dill in this type of soup but it made the broth distinctively tasty. Looking forward to leftovers today!

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