Chickenless Nuggets Premium PD Recipe

Improve your child’s diet, whip up 20 organic nuggets without the fat and chemical food additives at half the cost of packaged chicken or veggie nuggets. Stock up your freezer and be prepared with this nutrient dense fast meal fix. These aren’t just for kids, I enjoy them served with Ranch dressing and hot sauce.

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  1. This was a hit. Instead of bread crumb I used 3 cups of the Erewhon Corn Flakes. It was a big hit. I had to watch how many I ate. I could have eaten the whole batch. Make the Killer Ketchup recipe to go along with it. Had our 8 yr old foster son help make these and he really like them. This will be one that I will be making regularly . Next time I will be making a double batch so I can freeze some. Do you have to let them defrost before putting them in the oven?

  2. I didn’t have any problems making these nuggets. I used chickpeas that I cooked from dried, and I didn’t drain them completely, so maybe a tablespoon of the cooking water went in to the chickpea mixture. Maybe that’s what helped them stay together because none of mine fell apart while I was making them, or after they bakes. I thought they tasted great, but the real question is whether or not the kids will like them!

  3. This was a highly anticipated recipe, mainly because my 8 year old son loves nuggets. Yet, I know how bad those chicken nuggets are and find any alternative is a huge plus. I finally had the opportunity to make these. Much like the previous recipes that requires the oat milk and bread crumbs, these nuggets turned out well.

    I read the directions, since I have missed a few crucial steps in the past on a few of Julie’s other recipes. This time I made sure all was right so I would get my nugget dinner. As Amy cited, when I was mashing the chickpeas and added the seasoning, it did seem like the mixture was a bit dry. I didn’t use the food processor or add any other liquid to the mixture. I pour it onto the counter and started pressing the mixture to get the desired, ¼″ thickness. I took a cookie type cutter (round) and started cutting nuggets. Thickness was probably a bit more than ¼″ when all was said and done, but I was pleased with how they turned out.

    Dipping the chickpea mixture in the oat milk was hit and miss. I did have numerous nuggets that started falling apart, usually in half. What I started doing was coating the edges and spreading the oat milk mixture over the entire nugget, follow by covering it with bread crumbs. That part of the recipe went without any problems.

    Once I had a tray of 18 nuggets I put them in the warmed up oven. I cooked them at 400 for 20 minutes. When I pulled them out I let them cool for 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the longer I waited the drier the mixture seemed to get. One bite and the nugget was falling apart. That was the case with the first one I had before placing them on my son’s plate.

    I started with 3 on his plate with ketchup and BBQ sauce. While I knew I could not get these by his as chicken nuggets. He did however eat 2 of the 3 nuggets. He told me I could have his last one. I asked him how he liked them as his response, “dad they need more flavor.” Next time I might add some more poultry seasoning to the chickpea mixture.

    My problem with her recipe was what Amy commented on. My mixture came out a bit dry, but was able to press out 18 nuggets. I feel these cooked too long. I wish I would have started with 12-15 minutes at 400 degrees, possibly keeping some more moisture in the nugget. I did notice my son go back and take a third nugget about 30 minutes later. So I do believe these do show promise in our house. I might look at trying to get the mixture a bit more sticky so it stays together.

    Thankfully this is a nice, simple option for a chicken-less nugget. Thanks for the recipe Julie!

  4. Julie – I couldn’t get the chickpeas to stay together. I ended up using the food processor and adding a little bit of the dipping coating. I don’t know if my chickpeas were just too dry – I used canned and rinsed and drained. Maybe I am missing something?

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