Chipotle Mayo Free PD Recipe

Spicy creamy and perfect to layer on a bean burger, dip a potato wedge in or to top a taco. This Mayo is free of fat and full of spicy flavor.

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    1. HI Karen,
      Check the ingredients on those spice blends many contain food additives that are designed to cause cravings and keep you eating past full. You can reduce the amount of chilies or remove the seeds from the pods to add flavor without the heat.

  1. ok first off let me say that i really love tofu. BUT whenever i have tried to make some kind of dip/dressing with silken tofu i end up throwing it away because it tastes horrible. the only things i have ever made with silken tofu that i have liked are a vanilla topping for desserts (which i think also contained cashews) and pumpkin pie. this recipe looks interesting and i would love to try it – would like to hear others comments on this 🙂 thanks

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