Chipotle Salsa Premium PD Recipe

This copycat recipe of TJ’s jarred hot and spicy smoked chipotle salsa also comes with a mild, heatless but flavorful option to suit your personal preference. In just fifteen rewarding salsa-making minutes, you will eliminate craving-inducing food additives while tremendously improving the ingredient quality of your food.


  1. This recipe is like coming home. I NEED to have chipotle salsa in my life. When I saw that Trader Joe’s had changed the recipe on theirs and added in the nasties, I came VERY close to crying in the aisle. NOOOOOOOO!!! Why? Why? Why? I mean, tantrum time. 🙂 But, but…..breathing deeply again…Julie came to the rescue. All is well. And, now, no one can ever take my chipotle salsa away from me again. I’m MAKING IT MYSELF! And it’s GOOD for me! HA! Thank you, sweet Julie!

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