Choco Tonic Premium PD Recipe

A warm satisfying sipper, treating our body to quadruple disease protection. Pure chocolate, spicy ginger, and curcumin are shown to intercept disease at its earliest stages and to inhibit angiogenesis of cancer cells when incorporated into a diet and lifestyle that is void of disease fertilizers. I created this exciting recipe to finish every protective dinner party with a promising toast to optimal health. The flavor is dark chocolate with an exciting ginger finish. My friends never ask about its protection – they ask about a second cup. Optimal health outcomes are not a result of high-quality medical care, but from a diet and lifestyle pattern that can prevent or intercept disease at the earliest microscopic stages. An anti-angiogenic, anti-inflammatory Protective Diet is a practical and cost-effective method to reduce the risk of cancer, inflammatory diseases and to enhance the quality of life. We are the boss of our body and can make every bite and beverage protective for our wellbeing, the animals, and our planet with a Protective Diet.

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  1. This is one of my favorite PD beverages. It is a yummy treat to enjoy after dinner on a cold winter evening…and I love knowing how much good it is doing my joints as I enjoy it!

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