Chocolate Cherry Cake Premium PD Recipe

The celebration of your birthday is complete on a Protective Diet with this rich dark chocolate cake layered with cherry filling. The entire cake has the same caloric value as one slice of chocolate cake at a restaurant. Whether it’s time to celebrate a birthday or just your healthy Protective Diet lifestyle this cake is perfect for the occasion.

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  1. Made this yesterday for our anniversary treat. Sorry to say I was a little disappointed with the genache. It didn’t thicken enough as I had hoped, the cake w/cherries was good but might have to try the genache again. Or maybe I’ll try the other frosting recipe.

  2. Wow! Where do I begin. Let’s start with serving the cake up. I sliced a single piece after spending two days making this cake as dessert for my wife on Valentine’s Day. My son liked the cake and ganache, my wife liked the cake and the cherry filling. Me, I was overly critical of how I thought they were going to react when they had a bite. Neither had been to keen on some of the other chocolate recipes; Amy’s pudding, the breakfast brownies just to name two. So to get these replies from my family made me feel good and I could potentially use the cakes in the future.

    As Julie ALWAYS says read the entire recipe before you start. Why I don’t do this is beyond me. I planned to make the cake the day before and the filling and ganache the next day before serving it after dinner. Looking back I probably should have done it the other way around. I feel as if I rushed the filling and ganache and both seemed runny to me.

    I had hopes the ganache would be thicker than it was, after I took it out of the refrigerator in an attempt to chill it. Unfortunately I felt let down at my rush to get this recipe completed. I guess one option, aside from following the recipe closer would be to use Amy’s pudding recipe (found in the student files on Facebook). Made with a sweet potato and cacao powder this is more of a frosting than ganache and maybe that is what I was expecting in the end.

    As for the filling, I used a bag of frozen cherries, that I had not defrosted prior to putting in the pan, although the cornstarch, water and e-sugar gelled up nicely, it seemed to be made a bit too watery after the cherries defrosted. Again the time factor comes into play, wait until the filling cools to place it on the cake. I did, got impatient and started spooning the cherries on.

    By no stretch was the cake bad, in fact it was wonderful, even though it was one of the more complicated and time consuming recipes I have made from PD. I am glad I did, as my wife likes sweets I have no problem slicing a piece for her to indulge in. Heck, I will probably a few slices myself in the coming days.

    Next time I would take more time and plan better because this isn’t something you just whip up for a dessert. Appreciate the sweeter side of PD. Thanks Julie!

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