Chocolate Cream Pudding Premium PD Recipe

Enjoy a high-energy, high-fiber, hearty serving of Protective Diet Chocolate Cream Pudding for breakfast, or pack a daily pudding cup treat in your lunch bag. You’ll have your coworkers thinking a Protective Diet is just too good to be true. Thank goodness you know it is both good and true. They may not be saying anything yet, but they are noticing as you waltz past the old vending machine, glowing and slimmer than ever with daily chocolicious satisfaction.


  1. I would like to cut this recipe in half becasue I’m going out of town in a few days and don’t want this sitting in my fridge for 10 days. Will it still work? I know sometimes when recipes are cut in half or doubled the measurements need to be adjusted. Also, how long will it keep for in the fridge? Thanks!

  2. Just made this for the first time today. I love it! I think it’s better tasting and oh so much thicker and creamier than your other chocolate chia seed pudding. This is going to be a regular in my house.
    Anyone who hasn’t tried this, what are you waiting for? Thanks Julie Marie.

  3. We buy 2 different sweet potatoes. One is redder, orange on the inside and is the considered the same thing as a yam. The other is a lighter yellowish color and it’s yellowish on the inside. In this recipe, are you talking about the red/orange sweet potatoes?

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