Chopped Nutz Premium PD Recipe

Fat-free low-cal PD Chopped Nutz add texture and nutrition to both savory and dessert style dishes. They are featured as a walnut replacement in Protective Diet’s sugar-free plant-based Fudge, Breakfast Brownies, Blueberry Muffins, and add a chopped peanut-style garnish to Chinese Take-In, Asian Noodle Salad or noodles tossed with Peanut-less Peanut Sauce. Top a Frosty or complete a banana split. PD has replaced delicious off-plan ingredients to make a low-fat whole food plant-based diet effective and sustainable for life.


  1. I love making these and having them on hand. I store them precooked in a jar. I love having them in my breakfast brownies! Your brain is tricked into thinking it’s really getting a nut! At least mine is.

  2. I made these for the first time to put in the carrot cake recipe. I was quite skeptical that they would come out soggy. I was very wrong. They added a real nut taste to the carrot cake . I am now excited to try them mixed into the brownie recipe.

  3. Unbelievable! These are quite convincing. This recipe was easy and worked great the first time. I’ll need to make another batch, as we just demolished the first one while they cooled on the pan. LOL.

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