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Chorizo Tacos Premium PD Recipe

In Mexico, tacos are spicy and simple. Fresh corn tortillas layered with meat, onions, fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime. On a Protective Diet, you will be transported to many cultures, Mexico being one that is close to my now thankful healthy heart. Chorizo is a very spicy sausage that is often removed from the casing and crumbled. This version is free of pork, saturated fat, and the cholesterol of the original. Serve up traditional Mexican flavor in street food fashion with Protective Diet Chorizo Tacos.

  • Chorizo Tacos Premium PD Recipe

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  1. I love this recipe. I had never had traditional chorizo but did eat a lot of an oil loaded vegan version from Trader Joes. This is just busting with flavor and is delicious on nachos, in tacos and a great salad topper. I always make a double batch. Perfect with Taco Slaw.

  2. I make the dry spices up ahead of time in a quart container (I use 1/2 cup for each spice) and all I have to do is add 5 tsp per 1 lb of tofu. I usually make 3 lbs at a time, cook and freeze about 2 lbs of the left overs – this makes for a REALLY fast diner for the coming weeks. This is my go-to recipe when I just don’t during the week. I always have taco slaw and yogurt made – so it is a no brainer for fast dinners.