Classic Cranberry Sauce Premium PD Recipe

This season I am thankful for my health and freedom from sugar addiction. My holiday meals are perfection with sugar-free cranberry relish served with Holiday Loaf, Stuff Yourself Stuffing or Country Wheat Stuffin Muffins, Creamed Kale, Creamed Corn, and Mashed Potatoes by the Pound. Celebrate any day of the year with a Protective Diet Thanksgiving feast.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, I added the zest option to increase flavor and protection in 2022. I added the cranberry measurement because CostCo sells cranberries in huge bags. I suggest buying them in November and freezing several bags to enjoy cranberry protection throughout the year.

  2. One of my favorites and my grandson LOVES it as well. I bought LOTS of cranberries this holiday season hoping they last me long enough to enjoy this sauce until they hit the stores again in the fall.

  3. This is yummy and thickened right up on the stove, turning a beautiful gem color. I won’t miss regular cranberry sauce with this option. At first I accidentally only added 1 T. of erythritol instead of the ¼ cup plus 1 T. on the directions. Pucker up, city! Tasted great with the correct measurements. This will be on the table at Thanksgiving this year.

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