Classic Cucumber Salad Premium PD Recipe

This salad is simple, sweet and refreshing. It is my favorite way to enjoy summer’s bounty of garden fresh cucumbers. The sweet dressing is made without sugar or oil and amounts to zero calories. Serve this at the next potluck or backyard BBQ, or take it on a picnic. After tasting this salad, your friends will quickly understand how you’ve been successfully enjoying a Protective Diet.


  1. I finally bought the esugar and I can say that this cucumber salad really rocks! Growing up, I loved cucumbers. I would eat them all plain. I saw this salad, and because I’ve never had a “SAD” salad like this, I don’t know what I’m missing. This one is simple, delicious, and really hits the spot. I marinated the cucumbers for about 8 hours before I ate them and was very happy with how they tasted. I also loved the onions. They became very sweet and crunch too. This will become a favorite at my house!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Not sure how I missed this recipe, but I had eaten cucumbers the last 2 nights and will probably make more of this dish tonight. What a great tasting and simple recipe, but that seems to be a theme with many of Julie’s recipes.

    Of course the flavor of this salad is best when the cucumber and onion have time to chill and let the dressing infuse the veggies. Still I was able to eat half a batch of this after making. The following morning the flavor was sooo much better!

    Great salad! Thanks Julie!

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