Corn Biscuits Premium PD Recipe

These quick-mix and fast-bake, tender on the inside, golden crusted, gluten free, whole grain corn biscuits hit the spot served alone, topped with King or Taco Sauce, dipped in any one of the Protective Diet soups, crumbled into a bowl and topped with Busy Day Chili, or used as an edible utensil to scoop up PD Pintos & Cheeze.


    1. Thanks for the review! Next batch give the other method a try. The texture is a bit lighter when they are formed using the measuring cup. I love them both ways, but I think I prefer the texture and shape of the parchment baked biscuits.

  1. I’ve made these biscuits a number of times now, and they’re a winner! So easy to make, and they’re very hearty and delicious. They’re great with soups, chilis, or just as a snack, topped with French Onion Dip or King Sauce for a savory treat, or PD Cranberry Sauce or Chia Seed Jam for a sweeter option. Don’t hesitate to make these wonderful biscuits!

  2. I made these first thing this morning for breakfast. I had the minestrone soup with them. They are so simple to make and taste fantastic! I also topped mine with a little king sauce. Mmmgood!

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