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Corn Tortillas Premium PD Recipe

Thin homemade corn tortillas are easy to make with my quick-mix, sure-thing recipe and the right tools for the job. For years, I attempted a technique without a press to assist those who were ordering tortillas by mail. Then I dove all in with a top-rated tortilla press and a sure-thing dough hack that makes forming tortillas a breeze. I’m grateful the PD community demanded an easy way to make thin tortillas for delicate baked chips. Even living in San Diego, surrounded by tortillerias, I get excited to make them from scratch. Keep in mind “from scratch” means mixing a pantry staple in a bowl, and with a little practice, you will be an expert tortilla maker, cranking out hot stacks! Join us in PD-Ed Lesson #266 Corn Tortilla Pressing Pro Tips & Baking Chips. I will show you how to season cast iron for a non-toxic, durable non-stick finish that is safe at high temperatures.

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