Cornbread Premium PD Recipe

This cornbread recipe has savory & mild or spicy & exciting variations to choose from. Mix up a warm and hearty golden pie of whole grain Corn Bread in less than ten minutes. This moist and hearty bread complements Protective Diet soup, salad and chili.

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  1. This is my absolute favorite cornbread recipe I’ve ever tried. It’s my go to, when I need cornbread with a meal. It’s moist and flavorful. So much better than the Jiffy corn muffin mix that I grew up on! LOL! Someone suggested making it as waffles, so I will try that, too!

  2. I must have done something wrong, mine was more like a corn pudding than cornbread. did not like it at all, took one taste and dumped the whole thing in the trash. Only one word for this …NEXT!

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