Country Wheat Stuffin’ Muffins PD Premium Recipe

The star of Thanksgiving dinner remade into a plant-based batter and baked into handheld muffins that we can enjoy any day of the year. No need to set a formal dining table for this quick-prep savory holiday favorite. This health-promoting cruelty-free gourmet herb-seasoned stuffing is whole grain and moist on the inside with a satisfying golden outer crunch for a texturally balanced bite in every serving. In just 30 minutes you’ll be giving thanks with a kitchen filled with the comforting aroma of the holidays. With Protective Diet Stuffin’ Muffins, we can give thanks any day of the year.


  1. These scream Thanksgiving! I recommend everyone bring these to Thanksgiving or holiday potlucks in a towel-lined basket. They are beautiful and delicious served plain and at room temperature. We enjoy these year round with soup and salad. Read the reviews under the recipe and don’t wait until a holiday to make these. ❤️

  2. These are a big hit in my household-which is saying quite a bit as my husband in not wholly on board with a PD. Topping them with the brown gravy felt like eating stuffing at Thanksgiving again. These are going to my Thanksgiving dinner this year. Yum!

  3. Everyday this week my kids came home from school asking if I made these yet! Well today I finally did and they were amazing! My husband loved them as well. I am the only PD eater so my recipes are hit or miss with them. They raved on these. The texture is just like stuffing. So so good! A must have for the holidays or any day for that matter.

  4. These are Thanksgiving dinner in a cup! Easy to make, delicious results. I offered a leftover muffin to my grandson last night and he was crazy for it so his SAD parents each wanted to try and they both said they were GREAT! Not that I was surprised 😉

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