Crabby Cakes Free PD Recipe

Try these special little delicacies with an oil free plant-based makeover. These cakes are fun to make and, along with their creamy dipping sauce, are free of cholesterol and fat. Crabby Cakes are loaded with the same texture and taste of the original without the expense or impact on our over-fished seas.

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  1. I really like this recipe. The texture is spot on. The only change I am going to try is to add some nori or kelp to add a slightly fishy taste. Another time I may add a homemade version of old bay seasoning. The cakes are excellent as is but I just like to mess with things to make them my own. Try them you will not be disappointed.

  2. Pretty close, not too bad. good actually. I’m wondering if you could shred artichoke hearts for the same effect? So much easier to find artichoke hearts. Nice change from beans and tofu.

    I’m wondering, in the Clam Chowder recipe, you said to add nori to give it the taste of the sea, I wonder if that would work with this?

  3. Made these for dinner last night and my non-PD husband gave them two thumbs up! He said don’t change a thing and the sauce was primo!! Great suggestion about sandwiches the next day – thinking that just might happen tonight! Thanks Julie Marie, for all the time and prep you put into these recipes!!

  4. I am also seeing in packed in water. There seems to be a discussion in the reviews of different brands on whether you should seed it before it’s cooked or just cook the seeds down in the recipe. What are we supposed to do?

    1. Packed in water is preferred. Break up the jack fruit before cooking and remove the hard seeds. I just filmed a video to add to my jack fruit recipes. It will be posted next week to guide you through the preparation, handling and selecting of cans.

  5. I have started ordering cases of jackfruit online. I use it so much and it is hard to find. Expensive, but worth it for pulled pork and crabby cakes recipe. Going to try it with a recipe I use for ceviche with hearts of Palm and crispy white pickled asparagus.

  6. The search for jackfruit FINALLY ended this week! Working next to Chinatown in Oakland I figured this would have been easy to find, but it wasn’t as easy as I expected. With 2 cans in hand I headed home with a big smile on my face and I was looking forward to “chefing” it up in the kitchen with some crabby cakes for dinner.

    For some reason the recipes appear more challenging than they really are. This like other PD recipes I have made took a bit of time, but the wait was oh so worth it. While I am not 100% PD compliant I do with best with the ingredients I find locally (haven’t made any Internet purchases for ingredients). I did well with the exception of the bread. I used 4 slices of Dave’s Killer Bread (the 21 grain), which carries quite an array of nuts and seeds.

    Prior to starting the crab mixture I put together the mayo, but ended up using medium firm for more creaminess (this from using the extra firm for the onion dip last week and not getting it to a creaminess I desired). It took a day, but the mayo came out incredible! It must have been the apple cider, but would love to use this as a base for some other dips and sauces, especially tartar sauce.

    With the mayo out of the way and chilling, I toasted the bread and torn the jackfruit and got everything into the mixing bowl. I did spend a bit of extra time trying to get all the seeds out of the jackfruit and was pretty successful, but had a few sneak. After mixing I took a small handful and started to make cakes, shooting for 10, as the recipe called for. I probably made a few cakes too thick or big as I ended up with 8 cakes.

    I didn’t have much trouble pressing the cakes and then coating them with breadcrumbs. The cakes might have been a bit fragile, but seemed to hold together well enough that I was able to move them to a baking sheet. My only mistake, I probably didn’t cook them long enough. I think I had them in for about 15 of the 30 minutes with the oven at 400.

    They had browned on both side as I pulled them out and got ready to serve. I cut into the first one after it cooled and it looked like a crab cake! I had a few bites and was quite pleased with how the cake had turned out. The best came the following day when I had a crab cake sandwich, after the flavors had melded together and the mayo had time to set and chill.

    I will be making these again. Love them! Can’t wait for more crabby cakes. Thanks Julie!

  7. I really like these. I call them crabby cake nuggets. I actually, cut up the jack fruit int smaller pieces and shape them into nugget size. I do everything the same as what’s on the recipe. Turns out really good.

  8. These are simply amazing! I’ve eaten a lot of crab cakes, and I cannot believe how much these look and taste like real crab cakes! Honestly, I like them even better than crab cakes, which used to be one of my favorite foods ever. They’re so much healthier, and I can’t wait to make them again. The Creamy Lemon Herb Dipping Sauce is the perfect accompaniment! Thanks for another incredible recipe!

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