Cranberry Clementine Sauce Free PD Recipe

I must have cranberry sauce to go with Mushroom Gravy and Stuff Yourself Stuffing. Until I came up with this sugar-free version, I was at a loss. Thanksgiving dinner is finally complete. This sauce is not like your typical sugary canned cranberry sauce. It has a slightly tart flavor and it is nutrient dense. Add this to your holiday Protective Diet dinner and have health and traditional flavor to be thankful for this year.

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    1. I used Clementine oranges due to the sweeter juice they naturally produce. I don’t use OJ out of the box due to added sugars. Most orange juice has added sugars and labeling regulations allow the producers to add sugar with out listing it on the package. The OJ producers are allowed to do this because they have set a standard to how many grams of sugar is in one serving of OJ. If the oranges aren’t naturally producing the allowable grams of sugar they add it to produce a sweeter juice while staying in the limits allowed for sugar grams in the juice.

    1. I enjoy eating it with the stuffing and mushroom gravy. I put just a little spoon full on my plate and put a little on my fork with the stuffing and gravy. This way I have all the flavors of Thanksgiving.

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