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Cranberry Probiotic Poppers Premium PD Recipe

A jar of anthocyanin loaded little protective gems in my refrigerator makes my mouth water in anticipation of garnishing my meals. Enjoying fermented cranberries raw and unsweetened makes them an anti-aging functional food, protecting the body from damage caused by oxidative stress. Fermentation eliminates tartness, making cranberries palatable while filling them with the fun pop of carbonation. Ready to eat probiotic poppers are a delightful way to add mood-enhancing, internal-sunscreen producing, cancer-protective, anti-aging, memory-enhancing fermented cranberries into your diet year round. Add them to salads, hummus, pasta or grain bowls in place of olives for a burst of color, bright flavor and pop of powerful protection. Blend them into Valentine Hummus and Cranberry Vinaigrette for immune system support with an all natural immune system biome boost.

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