Cream Cheeze Frosting Premium PD Recipe

Sugar-free and dairy-free protective Cream Cheeze Frosting had me in search of fun frosting application tips. This recipe is the plant-based “icing on the cake!” After many years of testing, I have created a guiltless frosted carrot cake. After going sugar-free and fat-free, my cake frosting skills became rusty. Now I’m having a deliciously fun time practicing frosting application techniques with this guiltless Protective Diet recipe. Join me for PD-Ed Lesson #205 in my Work Place for Wellness where I demonstrate my favorite frosting techniques. 2018 is the year of the perfectly frosted PD cake.


    1. Added bonus: freezer friendly!

      I had about half a batch leftover that I wasn’t going to be able to eat before going out of town, so I threw it in the freezer in a glass container. Just defrosted it and tried some…creamy and delicious!

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