Cream of Celery Soup Premium PD Recipe

This was one soup I loved straight from the can. The Protective Diet version has the delicious flavor and thick creamy texture without any of the additives, fat or dairy of the original. The creamy component in this recipe is grain free and will surprise many to find it is made with lentils. This soup is hearty and high in fiber, plant protein and useable energy.


  1. I made this soup today Julie and it turned out great!! Glad I read the comments because I was so excited to make this recipe, I even read and re-read the recipe several times….I probably would have blended the wrong batch…haha….PD excitement!! This along with the Creamy Potato & Kale soups are so delicious!! Thank you so much for your hard work putting these recipes together for us….leaving us wanting more!!

  2. This soup is wonderful and quite easy to make. I love it served over brown rice and steamed Kale.
    A few weeks ago while attending a class on home food storage, someone said not to include lentils because you can’t make lentils taste good. I beg to differ. I told them to come to my house because I can make lentils taste delicious. LOL! This is definitely one of the recipes I would serve to a lentil skeptic. Delicious Julie! Thank you!

  3. This cream of celery id great. I did not have room in my freezer, so I bottled it. Now I pull it off the self and take it to work with me. People at work are always asking me what I’m eating.

  4. A bit late in catching up with all the soup made in October, so I decided to end October with Cream of Celery. It sounded good after making Potato Leek a few days prior. I need to remember the golden rule, READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS AND NOTES BEFORE BEGINNING. Somehow I don’t always start off on the right foot.

    I did have to substitute green lentils for red, as I had none in the pantry and the local market didn’t even carry lentils (not that I will shop there again). I don’t know if the lentils make a difference in the final product, in terms of flavor, but the color of the soup wasn’t very appetizing to look at. That aside it tasted wonderful.

    Failure to read the directions had me add the soymilk to the wrong mixture, I added it to the onions and celery when it should have gone in the blender with the lentils. Fear not! I pour most of the liquid (along with some onions and celery) into the blender and off it went!

    The final product was very good, even my wife had a positive comment about the soup, even though I ate it all. I loved the simplicity and flavor of the soup. I also made the garlic bread sticks to accompany my dinner. Outstanding work Julie! Great recipe!

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