Cream of Chick’N Soup Premium PD Recipe


A replacement for the soup classically served at banquet hall events and at home out of the can, this soup has the creamy texture and hearty flavor I’ve missed since going vegan. Enjoyment on a low fat oil-free plant-based Protective Diet has escalated to a new place of familiar delight with this recipe and new nutrient dense technique to create this classic creamy soup.

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Comments (12)

  1. posted by Marie Cayuela on February 3, 2021

    Good as can be! Thanks for reminding us of this great soup!

  2. posted by anda munteanu on May 19, 2018

    My new favorite comfort food. I wish I had made this sooner <3

  3. posted by diane ogdon on March 3, 2018

    Super creamy and yummy! Simple, easy to follow instructions. I had everything I needed in my PD pantry.and fridge. I love how we eat! PD4life!

  4. posted by Stephen on November 9, 2015

    This soup was a follow up to the Cream of Celery I made twice before venturing out to “chick’n” territory. As with all the other recipes, this was a simple recipe to follow. I had made the chick’n-less noodle before and expected a flavor similar in nature. Thankfully I had all the ingredients on hand and decided to bake up some drop biscuits as well to go along with the soup for dinner.

    Followed all the directions as written and the soup came together rather quickly as I had pre-made the biscuits. The only change to the recipe, I added a bit more seasoning once I had the soup done and it was simmering on low on the stove. Not much, maybe an eighth to a quarter teaspoon more.

    The soup was wonderful! Chocked full of small, chunky pieces. I actually broke up my biscuits and put it in the soup to eat. Ended up having a bowl the following day and as expected the flavors had been given time to blend together and it was better than the night I cooked it. Thanks Julie!

  5. posted by Dorothy on October 10, 2015

    I too wondered am my supposed to drain the prof off and just plan to cook quinoa in the plant milk? I made this and I didn’t drain everything off my blender was so full I couldn’t really process it quite right so I still had bits of quinoa in the soup. It was still delicious and I don’t mind a bit. I’m just wondering if I did it right ?

    • posted by Julie Marie on October 16, 2015

      Blend it all together. If you have a smaller blender it may need to be done in two batches. I would never leave a step out of the directions of a recipe.

    • posted by Dorothy on October 10, 2015

      Smart phone is not so smart. Do I drain the broth off before I add it to the blender? I poured broth in with the milk. My blender was extremely full so it was hard to process without liquid coming up over the lid .

  6. posted by angela sorrentino on October 6, 2015

    This soup is amazing! The creamy texture is smooth and very, very tasty! So good, GoodOnYa, Julie! I also made the biscuits – super fluffy and good!

  7. posted by tina strausbaugh on October 6, 2015

    Just made the Cream of Chick’N Soup. Oh-My-Gosh! Love it so much! Julie Marie Christensen, you have out done yourself! Not just because this is a great recipe, but it was so fast to make and is also a great base to make ANY creamy soup. I see cream of asparagus, broccoli, carrot, and many others in my future.

  8. posted by monkeyssk8 on October 6, 2015

    When it says whisk blended cream into tender vegetables, that is the cooked with broth and milk, right? Don’t drain it?

    • posted by Julie Marie on October 16, 2015

      Yes, if you follow the instructions it says to blend it together with the milk. Do not drain or strain. I would not leave out a step and keep you guessing.

  9. posted by Dorothy on September 29, 2015

    This looks so good, I can’t wait to try it!

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