Creamy Chocolate Frosting Premium PD Recipe

Have you ever heard of frosting that will increase your fiber, iron and calcium intake and taste like chocolate heaven? Protective Diet has made guilt-free chocolate birthday wishes come true. It’s hard to believe this creamy whipped frosting is free of sugar and fat. Dip some strawberries in, spread it on toast and top with sliced banana, layer it on a Vanilla Cup Cake or frost up a pan of Breakfast Brownies. The entire batch of this frosting is only 548 nutrient dense calories compared to standard junk-filled jarred frosting at 1820 calories.


  1. I’m only through about 19 days through my taste bud reprogramming, but this was amazing. I couldn’t help but eat it with a spoon. How great it is to have delicious deserts free of processed and added sugar!

  2. Second time making this and it is SOOOOO good! Who would ever think these ingredients could taste so amazing when combined? If I wasn’t day fasting I would have the leftovers for breakfast and lunch. Thank you Julie Marie! If only all the tubs of frosting in my past had been this healthy…

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! This is SOOOO good! I decided not to use quite as much sweetener (I chose about ¾ the recommended amount. I agree with Amy…it was to die for!!!! This is a definite keeper!!!!! Even your non plant based eaters will love it!

  4. This frosting is to die for! The sweetness and consistency is SPOT ON! This frosting will help us so much take PD out to social activities and let us enjoy Healthy and Delicious treats 🙂

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