Creamy Italian Dressing Free PD Recipe

Creamy Italian Dressing - ©

Creamy Italian Dressing is rich with Parmigiano-Reggiano flavor without the fat, dairy and heavy price tag. This plant-based full-bodied dressing is a game changer when it comes to salad satisfaction.

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    Comments (14)

    1. posted by Jennifer on June 26, 2013

      Fab-u-lous!!! We had a lot of asparagus from our CSA last week and I whipped up a batch of this to have with steamed asparagus. It was lovely, creamy with no fat, great Italian seasoning, really great recipe. I love everything I have tried from your site so far. Thank you for all you do.

    2. posted by Denise on July 3, 2013

      I’d give this 10 stars if I could! Best oil-free dressing I’ve ever tried!

    3. posted by Karen on December 8, 2013

      I really loved this over veggies (broccoli and squash) as well as salad. Just another excellent recipe. Thank you.

    4. posted by newhopeden on January 4, 2014

      this is definitely in my rotation of dressings.

    5. posted by Cindy Hall on July 7, 2014

      Every time I try a new dressing I say it’s my new favorite and this one is no exception. Loving my salads these days.

    6. posted by Marie on July 8, 2014

      Just made this and love it. One of my new favorites.

    7. posted by Doug Lerner on September 24, 2014

      I have no idea what a chia seed is or where to find them. I doubt they have them where I live. I guess I could just leave that out, right? Are seeds allowed on the PD diet even though nuts are not?

      I guess I need a blender too.

      Or a simpler recipe. 🙂


      • posted by Julie Marie on September 24, 2014

        Hi Doug,
        The chia seeds are used as a thickening ingredient to replace the texture of oil in this dressing. Check local health food stores. I order mine from Amazon using the orange link on the recipe or ingredient list under shop. Are you in Europe? Chia are allowed as well as flax. I haven’t used flax in any PD recipes so far but both are low in fat and don’t have creamy textures when blended. Nuts or higher fat seeds such as sesame or hemp that can be blended into butters are avoided due to higher fat content. The higher fat content produces a creamy fatty texture and will draw us to these high fat ingredients much too frequently. They will also cause our taste bud receptors to to search for fats. This will cause our fat free dressings and dips to taste flat. Studies have shown just two weeks off fats and fat free foods start to taste rich. I go into greater detail about this in the PD-Ed lessons about taste bud reprogramming. Here is a free sample class available that will provide you with some basic information. PD-Ed is affordable coaching with live support that gives you the tools and tricks to make this diet and lifestyle successful, simple and sustainable.

    8. posted by Nicole on March 22, 2015

      This is our new favorite dressing. I love it!!!

    9. posted by rnh330 on April 16, 2015

      I haven’t purchased chia seeds although I’m seeing a frequent pattern in recipes. Is there a way to “thicken” this with out them?

      • posted by Julie Marie on June 26, 2015

        I have found them the best way to make oil-free full bodied dressings. I recommend the white chia to keep your dressing from looking dark. I use them in many recipes, they will be a good addition to your pantry if you a practicing a PD.

    10. posted by Madkitty on August 20, 2015

      Does anyone have a calorie count/tablespoon for this dressing? And what is “nutritional” yeast?

      • posted by Julie Marie on August 20, 2015

        The entire batch of dressing is about 180 calories and makes 1 1/4 cups. Protective Diet recipes are very low in calories, caloric break downs are not common practice on a Protective Diet.
        Nutritional Yeast adds a cheesy flavor without the use of dairy. If you click on any of the high lighted ingredients you will see a complete description.

    11. posted by Victoria Dollenmaier on August 24, 2015

      DELICIOUS!!! Love this one.

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