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This dressing is a remake of my all-time favorite restaurant dressing. It was a sweet & tangy onion balsamic served up at Graziano’s, full of sugar, oil and eggs. If you grew up with me you know this dressing, maybe not quite as well as I did. I bought it in big to go containers to enjoy on my salads all week. My friends told people I drank the stuff. When I went vegan the first thing my mother said was, “What about your dressing?” I have been trying to perfect it ever since and here it is, free of all the junk and loaded with the familiar flavors I can now enjoy daily.


  1. My daily dressing comes out a lot darker. This is more the color of the old fashioned thousand island dressing. Is this picture of the dressing made with traditional vinegar? Mine is also thicker. I can add more water I guess.

    1. Where your seeds white? I use white for a lighter colored dressing. I’m using classic vinegar as stated in the recipe. You may thin out as needed. Did you use a high speed blender? The texture should be just like a classic oil based vinaigrette. Check your measurements of liquid ingredients. Did you add them all?

      1. I don’t know what the term “classic vinegar” is. Your recipe says 3 tbsp a of balsamic vinegar which is what I used. I think it was the balsamic vinegar that made is so thick and dark. I would be interesteded to know what specifically you used that made it the consistency of of a traditional oil and Vinegarette. Yes I used a high speed blender. I use a Vitamix and I followed the recipe as written above as far as I know. I will thin it out and see if that makes a difference as it is pretty thick.

        1. It shouldn’t be so thick, this is the classic balsamic found on any grocery shelf.
          How many ounces was your total amount. I wondering if the all liquid ingredients were added.

  2. I only have the black chia seeds but will get some white ones. I have made some of the dressings with the black chia and it seems to have taste that I am not sure I like. Are the white chia seeds tasteless? Has anyone used the black chia seeds and found that they have an after taste?

    1. I find the white chia seeds to be milder and tasteless vs. the black. I preferred them for color and eye appeal in my dressings. Then I was at a students house and had to use black and noticed a flavor in the seeds. I keep white on auto ship and find the best price for white with my amazon link connected to all the recipes that use them.

  3. This is the best dressing ever! I was so sad when my e sugar order had not arrived and I was out of dressing. For those of you who do not use e sugar I tried it with 1/4 tsp of stevia and did not care for it, was too sweet. I am happy to say that my e sugar just arrived and the blender is going! If you don’t care for salads try this dressing and your life will be changed. My favorite is kale salad and this dressing.

  4. So good Julie!! Another winner. This is our favorite dressing so far. I took some out to dinner and my BFF preferred this to what the restaurant offered as well! Thank you!!!

  5. We have our 5-year-old grandson for the weekend, and I was wracking my brain for simple PD recipes that would appeal to a child who eats mostly chicken nuggets and fish sticks, but who does like salad. I made a simple salad with romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and grape tomatoes dressed with the Daily Dressing. After he finished the salad, I glanced over and he was eating the rest of the dressing with his spoon! SCORE! These recipes are Kid-tested, and Grandmother approved! lol!

  6. I love this dressing! After hearing so many good reviews about it I decided to try it. I like it! It’s sweet but not too sweet. It’s flavorful but not overpowering. I used the apple cider vinegar instead of the balsamic, like the recipe said we could do, and it worked out well for me. This is one I’ll make again for sure.

  7. This is my absolute favorite Protective Diet salad dressing! I made it without erythritol (or stevia) and I really like it this way. It’s so fast and easy, as well! I can’t wait to eat salads every day!!!

  8. This is the first dressing I have really loved. It makes eating salads fantastic. I have a hard time getting my greens in but with this salad dressing I will do fine. Excellent.

  9. i can’t express how delicious this salad dressing is. Wow! I love eating salad with this on it. I let my coworker try this and she was surprised that a fat free dressing could taste so delicious! Thanks Julie!

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