Dammeron Valley Vinaigrette Premium PD Recipe

I created this naturally sweetened oil-free protective roasted grape vinegarette to share with my neighbors and pay homage to our glorious valley of the grapes. This seasonal dressing is guaranteed to increase the consumption of endothelium-promoting baby salad greens and put Dammeron Valley, Utah on your map. Epic grapes and a stargazer’s fantasy with color-rich sunsets behind the dark volcano make this small high-desert town look and feel like an inhabitable Mars to a Chicago girl like me. It’s a neigborhood full of farms, unique homes on tree-lined streets, a lush vineyard, endless mountain trails, and out-of-this-world national parks. Flowering fruit trees and berries produce abundantly at every home. You’ll find a community of generous, animal-loving, active gardeners sharing their bountiful crops, expertise, and a helping hand. Every horseman and car passes with a friendly wave, and the community garden is the place to regroup, learn, grow, pick, and play. This is our special place on earth filled with endless activities that Jerry and I will joyfully call home for the rest of our long healthy lives

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