Detoxifying Red Lentil Salad Free PD Recipe

I created this recipe for a friend who was always going to extremes with her diet. On the weekend she indulged in fine dining and wine pairings followed by dessert and after dinner drinks. By Monday her body screamed DETOX PLEASE. She would follow up her binge and bender with an extreme green juice only cleanse. She would make it through one day, finishing it off with a pizza. This back and forth abusive behavior followed with the impossible challenge of a liquid diet led me to create recipes for her to follow on my former recipe resource site called Plant Purity. It guided her and many through what I named the Whole Food Detox and Taste Bud Reprogram. Eating clean whole plant based foods helped her body recover, and since the meals were flavorful and satisfying, she stuck with it all week long. This salad holds up well in the refrigerator to make lunch packing fast and easy. Top mixed greens with this bright tasting nutrient dense salad. It is loaded with protein, vitamins and fiber. It will leave you feeling light and full of energy.

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  1. I was looking for a side dish to complement the Buffalo Cauliflower and just so happened, this recipe was listed as a ‘next recipe’ when I cooking the cauliflower. I took some caution, as I didn’t want to turn the lentil to mush. I got a bit busy in the kitchen and turned around and the lentils were nearly boiling over, so I quickly took it off the burner and turned the heat down and let the lentil simmer. I wanted about 6 minutes and decided to strain them with cold water to stop the cooking.

    As the lentils were cooking I cut up all the veggies and squeezed the lemon into a mixing bowl. I combined all the ingredients, covered and shook it. Once mixed I had a few bites and that is when I noticed the lentils were just a touch on the hard side, not crunchy, but could have been cooked a few minutes longer. This didn’t take away from the salad.

    I felt like it was missing something, so I added a few splashed of tamari and used hot sauce when I plated a serving. It’s a very refreshing salad in my opinion, quick and easy to make. Could probably even get away with using the salad as a filling in a wrap with some lettuce or other greens. Thanks for another winner Julie1

    1. Think this is the first time, I am replying to a previous review of a Julie recipe. It’s been nearly 3 years since I made this recipe, in fact I didn’t even remember making it. However, I don’t agree with my review any longer. Now, maybe my taste buds have had longer to change, but the “felt like it was missing something” comment wasn’t apparent last night. I still have a challenge cooking lentils perfectly, as some were still not fully cooked, which took away from the final product, but I was hoping to avoid making mush salad.

      This time around I found the salad refreshing and a nice contrast to the Chili Mac (another Julie recipe) I cooked up. Overall it was quite a colorful meal, very tasty and filling. The salad needed nothing add it to. It was light and fresh and tasty, not sure why I would want to add tamari or hot sauce the first time around. Regardless, the bottom line, it’s a quick and simple salad bursting with flavor. Thanks Julie!

  2. Can’t wait to try this one! Excellent commentary about the red lentils, mine always turn to mush. Hubby still eats some meat & dairy, and I’ve noticed how our palates are changing. I like how vegetables taste on their own, and when I season the food I make, he usually needs to add more seasoning b/c he can’t taste the flavor. I’ve told him his palate would change if he went full vegan, but I don’t think he believes me. Now I have proof!

  3. I kind of put off trying this recipe for a long time because I figured it couldn’t be too exciting with just lemon and salt as a dressing. Boy, was I ever wrong! I know that my tastes are changing, but I just loved the taste of each vegetable, and the dressing was so good!

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