Dill Pickle Dip Premium PD Recipe

This dip is traditionally a diet disaster served with potato chips or pretzels as a starter. I had to give this creamy dip a plant-based probiotic-populated makeover with Protective Diet. A dip this flavorful and protective can be the star of your main dish, served on Cheater Baked Potatoes, used as a mayo replacement on pretzel rolls, or as a salad dressing. Party-style it as a dip with baked tortilla chips or fresh pita and veggie sticks. Impress them at the potluck with a basket of Soft Pretzel Bites or Cornbread Under Pressure and Dill Pickle Dip. After sharing this at a party of mixed dietary consciousness, I almost renamed it disappearing dill pickle dip. This is anticipated to be a summer of 2019 pool party and picnic favorite.

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  1. Really wonderful dip…and so versatile. I used it tonight as a replacement for tzatziki with my falafel bowl. I also plan to use it in place of mayo in the chickpea tuna salad. The fresh dill weed and chopped kosher dill pickles make this a real winner!

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