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Egg Roll Bowl Premium PD Recipe

When my fresh veg is down to cabbage and a carrot, I think egg rolls and celebrate my Protective Diet pantry staples. On lazy days when a salad is what my body craves, but egg rolls are what I want, I forgo the fuss and enjoy this half raw and half cooked brown rice bowl. As I blend Sugar-Free Sweet & Sour Duck Sauce, mix up exciting Chinese Hot Mustard, and shred cruciferous veggies, my healthy gut microbes encourage me by producing feel-good neurotransmitters. My influential microbes make me feel physically good and excited about my healthy meal choices, as they are dependent on my every bite. A healthy microbiome population will reward you for healthy choices, and an unhealthy population will direct you to unhealthy choices. I think of my microbiome population the same way I think of people that I am surrounded by. Our PD community supports healthy living, encourages you, and cheers you on. In return, you support them to be healthy. There are also unhealthy communities, for example, that supported and influenced the first half of my life. Every day we are faced with choices, and it is up to us as we will be supported inside and out no matter what choices we make. The majority always wins, and this is in fact true with our microbial population. To learn more about the gut microbiome, join us for PD-Ed Lesson #243, What’s Your Food Mood: Food addiction and how our microbes control our food choices.

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