Eggplant Parm-a-non Free PD Recipe

This flavorful version with crispy baked breading is so simple to prepare. The texture and taste is surprisingly better than traditional eggplant parm, without the empty calories of fat and oil. You’ll never go back to frying eggplant after making this recipe and experiencing the delicious flavors and ease of preparation.

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  1. Another Great Dinner. I had never had eggplant before, but after trying your other recipes, I was confident in trying it. It was wonderful. My husband who has been so supportive, said he would eat this again and again, as he had seconds. Thank you so much for all you do. We have a support group in Maine and you would be so proud of the ladies that are dedicated to PD. Some have been practicing for 3 years. On Sunday, one lady will be celebrating her 1 year Mark.
    I can’t wait until I can say I am a 3 year success story on PD.

  2. This recipe is so good, its not difficult at all, it just looks like it is. When eggplant is in season, I make this recipe every week. Today, I took the last few pieces of my eggplant and dipped them into the batter that I had add hot sauce to. It added a nice kick to it.

  3. So I thought this was great! Eggplant Parma-non! I even made the Quick red pasta sauce! And my husband really loved it, he went back for seconds too. He asked what the crust was and I told him, but I left out that it had nooch on it because he thinks he hates it. Lol! I loved the the coating on the eggplant it was very crispy! I was worried that it would not stick and all just crumble off but it stuck great even during flipping. I can’t wait for my left overs at lunch today!

  4. OMG!!!!! This was SOOOOO GOOD! I was a bit intimidated by the various phases of making it, but it turns out it looked harder than it was…by a LONG SHOT! Looking forward to making it again…and again! LOVE the flavor…and the al dente noodles were perfect!

  5. I was scared of making my breadcrumbs too powdery so I think I left them too big! they weren’t really sticking too well to my eggplant. Never fear though- it still turned out amazing!! I served over greens instead of with pasta but still delicious! Honestly it’s hard to believe it’s not fried… so good!

  6. I made these a while back before I was really serious about doing PD. Now that I am past 30 days of doing this 100% I wanted to try them again. O wow! The seasoning for the breadcrumbs is perfect! I really love this recipe even more now. Hubby gave it a thumbs up also! I look forward to making these over and over again. Thanks Julie!!!!! 🙂 Awesome recipe!!

  7. This is my favorite PD recipe! It’s also the first PD recipe I ever tried. The breading tasted great and baked wonderfully. All the flavor of traditional eggplant Parmesan with none of the unhealthy oil and cheese. This recipe is a must try!

  8. Wow…this was great! This is the first plant based oil free recipe I’ve ever tried (1yr of trying) that I actually wanted a second helping of. I really like crunch, this fit the bill. Thank you!

  9. I recall seeing this recipe on Facebook, prior to you posting the recipe for it. The dish looked wonderful! My wife loves Parmesan, usually from one of the local Italian restaurants, but I showed her this recipe and she was game for us to try it.

    I stuck to the recipe and while it looked a bit complicated, it was really easy to prep and cook. I wasn’t ready for that. I was also surprised at how well the oat milk worked, as Julie mentioned it was a relatively thick consistency. I used my mandolin to slice the eggplant, but went with a 3/8″ slice, not the 1/4″ as the recipe stated. I don’t think it made a big difference, I did cook it a few minutes longer, just in case.

    Each Parm came out wonderful and I plated 2 for my wife with some whole wheat spaghetti. Instead of making my own tomato sauce, I cheated and bought Trader Joe’s Organic Spaghetti Sauce with Mushroom. It was a great sauce to use, as it tasted wonderful. My wife loved the flavor, but I had to be honest tell her it was store bought. The only thing I missed for the dinner was some fresh basil.

    This will now be a regular dish in our house. Thanks much Julie!

  10. Thanks for the review! I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe. I’m working on a few other breaded recipes with this same technique that I hope you will enjoy as well.

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